July updates and news

It’s hard to believe that it’s July already. Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are well into the summer months and our customers in the Southern Hemisphere are in winter. Remember that we always carry  both warm and cold season fabrics and patterns year round to serve all of our customer’s needs.

One new change to our site recently is in addition to Paypal and Money Orders, you can now pay for your orders with credit cards. If you prefer this method, it can make your ordering much faster and easier and all major credit cards are accepted. Please also be sure to tell your friends and family who like to sew, quilt and craft about our site. We truly appreciate all personal referrals and this helps us keep our costs low.

Be sure to also go to Sewing Pattern Heaven’s Facebook page and like us. Facebook is one of the first places we will announce new arrivals and you should get a notification if you Like the page. Many of our items are one of a kind and in limited supply and they can sell out quickly.

It’s also a good time to think ahead a bit to plan for your fall sewing including Halloween costumes and holiday gifts. Some of our patterns are now out of print and in limited supply so they can also sell out quickly. We are always adding new costumes year round, so take a moment to check our inventory.

We like hearing from you, so if you have any questions, requests or suggestions, feel free to email us at orders@sewingpatternheaven.com.

Thanks again!


We have the patterns, books and kits for your autumn sewing

Our site features a wonderful collection of patterns that include famous designers to easy to sew. This is a great time of year to start on fall wardrobe pieces as well as getting a head start on Halloween and holiday sewing. We have many categories to choose from, and you can use the search box to look for patterns using keywords such as easy, designer, holiday, etc. Please take your time browsing our site and contact us if you have any questions or requests. We love hearing from you – Sewing Pattern Heaven is designed with your needs in mind.

Our checkout page has a new feature. If you prefer First Class or First Class International mail, please click on the words “calculate shipping” and the First Class options will appear. The priority mail options are also still available on this page as well.

We hope you have a wonderful fall season and that you will find patterns, fabrics, notions, books and more to give you many hours of sewing and crafting pleasure. Thank you!



The holidays are over, now it’s time to have some sewing and crafting fun

It seems that the holidays are such busy times, preparing food, gifts and more can be so time consuming. Now that the holidays are over and the new year is here, it’s a great time to relax and get back into some enjoyable crafts. Sewing Pattern Heaven features a wide variety of sewing patterns, kits, books and now fabric and notions. Many of these items are still in demand but are out of print or hard to find. We appreciate hearing from you with your requests and suggestions as to what we can add to our site. This helps us focus on giving you great customer service and providing fun products year round.

Our book section for example has books and leaflets for many different crafts including quilting, crochet, knitting and sewing. Maybe this year you want to revisit doing a craft that brought you a lot of pleasure in the past, and these books may inspire you.

Thanks for visiting our site and we hope it becomes a favorite place for you to find everything you need to sew, quilt and craft!


Cold Weather Sewing and Crafting

It’s hard to believe that October is almost complete and we will soon be in the busy fall and winter holiday seasons! Please be sure to browse our shop for lots of great fabric, patterns, books and kits for your winter sewing needs. We add new items each week, so please check back often. Like us on Facebook so you will be the first to know of new listings! Some items sell out as soon as they are shown on Facebook, so we want you to know about new additions first. Thanks, Joyce

Fall brings fun sewing and crafting!

Now that it’s fall, it’s a great time to begin sewing for the holidays. We have a great selection of patterns, kits, books and now fabric and notions to help you complete your projects! Many of our items are out of print and no longer available in stores, but as we all know, we can be in the middle of an important garment or project only to find the fabric or craft store is sold out and the line is no longer being produced.

We are always adding new stock, so be sure to check back often and please like us on Facebook because you will be the first to know about any new additions to the site and updates.

Have fun this season sewing and crafting and please keep in touch! I love hearing from you. Sewing Pattern Heaven is designed to offer the best to you so contact me with any questions or requests!

Fall Sewing time is here!

Fall sewing time is here, and we have a wonderful selection of seasonal patterns for children, teens and adults. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, we also have a nice selection of warm weather patterns as well! If you like to get an early start on holiday sewing and crafting, be sure to visit our holiday fabric, pattern and book section – and don’t forget Halloween costume sewing! We often sell out quickly on costume patterns, so shop early for your best selections.

Vintage Sewing Patterns and Sizing-important details

Cute vintage McCalls wrap around sundress for little girls!
Cute vintage McCalls wrap around sundress for little girls!

Finding old patterns, ones that are often decades old that have not been used can be rare. The reason is that in past decades there were fewer patterns produced and when people purchased patterns, they most often used them. A used pattern is still desirable and can still produce wonderful garments and crafts. The vintage pattern envelopes often can show signs of wear and use such as creases, fading, tears, and writing on the envelope but often the instruction sheets and pattern tissue inside can be in excellent condition. Since patterns are made of paper and subject to handling and use, they often show signs of wear which don’t affect the overall use of the pattern.

Generally for the major pattern companies the patterns produced before 1967 had vintage sizing, meaning that the measurements for a size 12 can have smaller measurements if the pattern was produced before 1967.

In 1967 and 1968 all of the major pattern companies went to “new sizing” and the measurements for each size became larger.  So keep this in mind as you choose your pattern. I include either the back of the pattern envelope especially from vintage patterns, or put the size chart in my listings, to help you quickly check the information and make you aware that is it vintage sizing or modern day sizing. However some of the boutique and cottage industry pattern makers can have their own size and measurement charts which can vary widely and it is  best to be sure that you check to see if that information is listed to ensure that you are getting the pattern that will fit you.

Some of the very old patterns, such as those issued in the early 20th century or during wartime, may not have words or printing on the pattern pieces such as pattern number, size and the cutting lines as the modern ones do. The pattern tissue was often blank and usually had perforated dots punched into the tissue to identify the numbers or names on the pieces. These patterns are just as usable as those that had printing although the tissue and envelopes might be a little more delicate due to its age. It is a good suggestion if you purchase a pattern with blank pieces that have only the piece number or letter punched in that you write the pattern maker, pattern number and other details on the pieces to avoid those pieces becoming lost or misplaced with another similar pattern.

All of the patterns on Sewing Pattern Heaven are original patterns and not photocopies or downloaded to disc. If you buy from other sources and are not sure if the pattern is a photocopy, be sure to ask the buyer because reprinting on a copier can distort the size and pattern pieces causing the pieces to not fit together.  Visit http://www.sewingpatternheaven.com to view a great selection of vintage and modern day patterns. Thank you!

Happy New Year!

Wishing all of you a very happy and healthy new year. As we start the new year, I hope you will find time for the pleasure of sewing and crafting. It is not only fun to sew and craft but it’s good for your health too!

Sewing Pattern Heaven will now continue to offer a large inventory of vintage patterns as well as contemporary ones. All of the patterns and books I sell are originals and not photocopies, downloaded or copied to a CD. Most of the patterns I sell are also uncut and in like new unused condition, out of print, rare or hard to find, so what you will find here is the best quality and value.

Looking for a pattern or have a request? I carry many of the patterns in more than one size and if you have any questions or want to add your request to our request list, just email me and let me know what you are looking for. Always happy to hear from you.

The Holiday Season Has Arrived!

Make fabulous Scandinavian holiday pieces for home and gifts.

The busy holiday season is here but be sure to make time to enjoy sewing and crafting wonderful items for yourself, your home and gifts. I always enjoy unpacking my Christmas decorations and see pieces that I made in past years.

Sewing Pattern Heaven has many wonderful patterns, books and kits. Plus I have more items in my Etsy store (http://www.etsy.com/shop/colojd?ref=seller_info) and many more of Vogue, Simplicity, McCall’s, Kwik Sew and Butterick in my inventory, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any requests or questions.

I look forward to serving you soon and Happy Holidays!